Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Felicity Brandon's Hide & Seek

Let me start out this review by saying that I'm very disappointed in Felicity.

Her latest story is called Hide & Seek, is only sixteen pages in length and can be literally read in about twenty minutes.  It's priced at 99 cents, which is a relief since Felicity's publisher seems to normally think they can foist short to medium length stories off on the unsuspecting public as novels, with similar prices. (Note to Wildheart Books: 50k words makes a novel.) Even then Hide & Seek, due to its length, is only barely worth the coin.

That said, Hide & Seek itself showcases author Felicity Brandon's quality descriptive writing. She is articulate, understands timing and tension, and uses actions to reveal deeper motives within her characters. Hide & Seek, for all intents and purposes, is a short story designed to titillate the senses.  For what it is, I have to say that it has been written well.  It's arousing, intriguing, and delightfully playful, perfect for a little out loud reading while having your favorite subbie strapped down to something while a feather and your purple wand alternatively dance across their skin.  It's short enough that you can read it one session, and just fun enough that it can certainly prime the pump for whatever you and the previously mentioned subbie might get up to. 

But there are some negatives.  Hide & Seek is nothing but porn without plot.  It's a journal entry, written in first person (I did this) and then again in present tense (I write this), a narrative and tense mode I find absurdly simplistic unless combined with complicated plots or in-depth characters (and I don't mean the capacity to take a twelve inch long dildo when I mean depth.) The characters in Hide & Seek have no name and little to no description.  Everything is about the action and emotion of the main character, the submissive girl who likes to start off her sexual games by hiding from her lover like a recalcitrant child.  Even here I was disappointed.  Of all the fun games we played as children, an adult version sounds like something I'd like to try.  Unfortunately Hide & Seek quickly becomes a spanking game and has little to do with hiding or seeking.

I would have preferred meeting our main character out and about in a mall, fearfully looking over her shoulder, wondering if or when he will find her.  She darts into a clothing store, looking around, only to jump in shock as his hand closes down upon her arm.  She is found, and the punishment is a new toy for her to endure, a plug, nipple clamps, or a vibrator perhaps, and he takes a single article of clothing, leaving her something terribly slutty in exchange.  Then back out into the mall with a five minute head start. Now THAT'S a game of Hide & Seek.  End it with the spanking and sex and I'm hooked.

 I definitely think it's time for Felicity to get serious about her writing.  She's obviously a talented wordsmith who can craft a simple tale, but now I want to read something erotically charged with her unique turn of phrase and capacity at description, with a viable plot that isn't merely a description of a fun evening at home.  I need adventure, excitement... and purpose would be nice too.  For 99 cents I guess Hide & Seek is worth it, but be prepared for the quick dip in the pool this is.  Felicity is ready (and needs) to play more serious games than Hide & Seek.  Seven out of ten on this one.

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