Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: Hailey's Capture by Bryan Weston

Any time a man sits down and attempts to write lesbian sex, BDSM style or not, I have to give him credit for at least stepping outside the comfort zone.  Over the years I've come to the conclusion that I just don't really understand women - at least not from a perspective where I want to be writing something describing the emotional output of the fair sex.  So when I sat down and read through Bryan Weston's "Hailey's Capture" available from the BDSM Library, I was already just a bit biased in favor of the story.

As expected for a male written BDSM lesbian story, the focus was centered more on the action than the emotion.  After reading female written lesbian stories the best analogy I can give is that these stories are like oral sex.  A man can perform cunnilingus on a woman and she'll enjoy the experience because it is intense and rough and direct.  Or a woman can perform cunnilingus on a woman and she'll enjoy the experience because it is intense, delicate, and all encompassing.  Point being both experiences are enjoyable, but very different, and for entirely opposite reasons.

In a nut shell Hailey's Capture is about a BDSM dominatrix who enjoys luring teenage girls to her home, then sexually tormenting them.  Weston's story doesn't really have a plot beyond what the dominatrix does to her fresh victim, but it doesn't need to.  I myself write plenty of stories that I condemn with the phrase "porn without plot."  That's not the point of these kinds of tales.  Besides, the reality is that Weston has an inventive mind and while the circumstances of his story are common and found elsewhere, the devil is in the details and his are exquisite.

The best scene in the entire story is where Hailey is bound upright into the Dominatrix's fucking machine, then stuffed with an anal electrode, along with electric clamps on her nipples and a suction cup on her clit.  And as poor little Hailey endures the non-stop pounding of the six inch long synthetic cock, the dominatrix leaves.  Perfect.

The end of the story is a setup for a part two or a sequel.  It doesn't matter which actually because part one is a self-contained tale all by itself.  This is the mark of an author who understands the concept of episodic writing, an understanding that is quite rare on the BDSM Library.  Even better, the story is relatively well written, in first person, and I didn't see any major errors to distract the readers.  That's always nice.

I'm hoping Mr. Weston writes a part two or a sequel to this fun, little tale.  Why?  Because I want to see how long Hailey spends on that machine!  I give this tale 9 out of 10.

Read "Hailey's Capture" by Bryan Weston.

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  1. Been awhile since you did a review. Welcome back! I look forward for more of these. Thanks!