Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: You Do the Crime, You Pay the Time - A.P. Damine

Noosed Beauty - HangNaked
Story Codes: M/f snuff reluctant Extreme Synopsis: A slave has greatly offended her Master. As punishment, he sent an executioner to fuck her in the ass and hang her. She decides to make the best of a bad situation. 

I just finished the incredibly short story "You Do the Crime, You Pay the Time" by A.P. Damien over at the BDSM Library.  Normally I wouldn't write a review for a story like this, but since the library's rating system is still down, I find myself even more motivated to leave feedback for authors.

The first thing I want to note about the story is that it is not in a standard format.  It's more of a dialog and thought recording between the girl and her executioner.  The author, A.P. Damien actually does a decent job in separating the thoughts and dialog between the two characters, using a combination of symbols, italics, and font color.  That said, it almost feels more like a script lacking set descriptions.  Very strange.

But despite the fact that there are no narrative descriptions, the author does a good job in using his characters to set the stage.  And it's not obvious either.  There's no "Oh look!  A noose that's made of soft rope attached to a boom arm that swings, underneath a small platform."  The descriptions are sufficient to provide a basic outline and the action of the story takes the reader along without need for anything more specific.  I like authors who can allow a reader's imagination to handle so much without making it a strain.

The characters themselves are simple, yet intriguing.  No one is named, except for absent Master Damien (the author himself?) who has ordered the events of the evening.  But while neither character has a name, their attitudes define them quite well, and since the author grants us private access into their thought processes, it opens up a relationship that feels deeper than the mere dialog would have provided.  

The plot is simple.  Slave girl has messed up and is sent, unknowingly, to her execution.  Master Damien has requested death by hanging, as well as having his "former" slave girl screwed in the rear.  The executioner is a gentle man, which is a sweet irony, and he pleasures her to orgasm before finally allowing the noose to cut of her air.

The story is ridiculously short, but it is sweet, and despite the funky format, has a lot going for it.  I'm going to give it a very strong 7 out of 10, and admit this almost made an 8.  

To read "You do the Crime, You do the Time" by A.P. Damien, click here.

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